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  • Hello, My name is Joey Gough. I am a Software Engineer with 5 years professional experience. I am practiced in Functional Programming, Test Driven Development, and Frontend Development. typescriptI am particularly proficient with Typescript, React & GraphQL. I have got a lot of experience using react based frameworks such as Expo, React-Native, and NextJS. I have experience building microfrontends using module federation. I have experience using Apollo GraphQL and Relay Modern.

    With strong technical abilities and creativity, I enjoy creating userĀ­-centered products and taking on new challenges. A trustworthy and punctual team member, typescriptI value pair programming and constructive discussions to find optimal solutions to problems. I am an open, honest and patient individual who seeks to find and build strong teams that put team goals ahead of individual goals. I am experienced in both bespoke and mass market product development.

    I maintain this personal website to serve as a resume. Thank you for visiting my site. Please get in touch.